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It is World Plumbing Day! 

(and…my birthday) Guess it is a coincidence, but it happens every year.

Why is Plumbing important?  Do you think of your plumbing or imagine what it would be like without it? How is Pittsburgh relevant to your Hot Water?  Let us see…

Plumbing? Why is it important.  I mean. Guess it seems obvious.  You have heard stories from the Middle Ages of chamber pots being emptied into the streets, remember?  Right.  Well, while that may not be 100% accurate ( …it had to have happened),  folks were not aware of the dangers like we are today.  

For example, we need fresh cold domestic water to our homes, and businesses.  We have the need for 120 degree hot water not only to take a nice shower.  But, we need to protect from diseases like Legionella.   Legionella grows when water temperature is outside 77 -108 degrees. So….cold water needs to be cold.  and… Subsequently, hot water needs to be hot.

So, health is the biggest reason for Plumbing.   But, so is convenience.

Have you ever had NO water?  Try it.  Do not use any water for one day.  It’s almost impossible.  If you really want to rough it….turn off you water main.  Bet you turn it back on pretty soon.  The truth is we do not realize how often we use water.  We take it for granted.

Folks turn their kitchen faucets on 30x per day.  From preparing supper, and cleaning up after, to just plain hand washing. And, that is just the KITCHEN.  

How about how many times your lavatory sink gets used.  In the morning, washing your face, brushing your teeth, shaving, and washing your hands.  And, then how about in the evening.  After using your powder room, or getting ready to retire for the evening.

How many showers are run in your home?  Multiply that time 2 gallons per minute on average.

Needless to say…there is  a lot of water usage happening…and that is  just cold.  

Add the idea of hot water. Which was pioneered right here in Pittsburgh at Westinghouse by Edwin Rudd.  ( Pretty neat, huh )  The Rudd Company (now owned by Rheem),  patented and manufactured Instantaneous Water Heaters in 1906 .

Oh.  You thought “Tankless” was something new?!   Pittsburgh’s the best, isn’t it?

Ever run out of hot water.  The worst.  Typically, showers are ran at a perfect 117 degrees. Up to 125 degrees before it is too dangerously hot. Though, some folks do like it extra hot.  125 is the limit.  @ 140 degree, your PVC drain lines are at their limit, before they become compromised.

Having said that…

Hot water is important.  

Cold water is important.

And, getting rid of Sanitary Waste?

I’ll state it quickly and move on: If you could not rid your home of sewage, it would be a much more dangerous time.   The Iconic American Standard Poster said it best, ” The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation”.  This is true.  Deadly diseases would be rampant if we failed to manage and provide proper sewage systems. Don’t forget it.

As plumbers, we enjoy keeping the plumbing infrastructure running safely for our customers and our families.   We all need safe domestic drinking water, proper sewage removal/treatment, and a nice hot shower. 

Thanks for listening,

V. Taggart Como
Master Plumber #4258

Taggart Plumbing, LLC

P.s. Happy World Plumbing Day

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